Innovative Solutions for Salmon and Whitefish Processing.

At Beritech, we design, manufacture, and install complete systems and processing equipment for seafood factories and facilities. With an unprecedented focus on hygiene, quality, and efficiency, we leverage cutting-edge technologies and expertise to ensure solutions that enhance productivity and promote sustainability.

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Beritech is emerging at the forefront of innovation in the seafood processing sector, specializing in equipment and systems for salmon and whitefish operations. With a keen focus on pioneering solutions, we help clients achieve superior product quality and enhanced efficiency. Our expertise spans the entire processing journey, ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to meet both current demands and future challenges.

A Team of Trusted Experts.

Although Beritech is a newcomer in the field of seafood processing equipment, we've carefully curated a team comprised of highly experienced industry experts you already recognize and trust.

This assembly ensures that every solution we offer is not only innovative but deeply rooted in an unwavering commitment to assist our clients in excelling within a competitive marketplace.

New Land in Sight: Beritech x APE

We're delighted to announce that as of March 1st, 2024, Beritech has formed a new and exciting partnership with Ludovic Daniel of Agro Process Expertise, advancing our expansion into the French market.

With his remarkable track record and deep understanding of local market dynamics, our goal is to provide innovative products, tailored solutions, and unparalleled service to clients in the French seafood industry.

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2023 Clausn Sh 2023

Sales and Business Manager

Claus Nielsen

Lars Jøker Baggrund

Innovation Partner & Sales Manager - Seafood Processing

Lars Jøker

Andreas Bonde Hassingboe Baggrund

Global Product & Installation Specialist - Seafood Processing

Andreas Bonde Hassingboe

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CTO - Seafood Processing

Peter Møller

Building partnerships is a fundamental value because we believe that collaborative efforts lead to mutual growth and prosperity in an ever-evolving marketplace.