Tube laser cutting

High precision and innovative tube designs

Laser cutting of tubes

We have great expertise in tube processing and offer tube laser cutting with the latest technology.

Innovative tube designs saves time, and give you technical advantages. For example, we can cut bending frames with our tube laser, thefore you will need fewer parts. Or positioning aids that facilitate easy installation. The need for extra processing, for example welding, is also significantly reduced.

Laser cutting of tubes provides fantastic cutting results. It is possible to manufacture items with an accuracy of 0.4 mm and a minimum of heat exposure.

Advantages of tube laser cutting:

  • reduction of welds
  • short processing times
  • new construction options
  • optimal utilization of raw materials

Cost-effective production

Compared to conventional tube cutting, the laser replace manual work and reduce produktion time. It is possible to cut very precise and complex contours in steel, stainless steel, aluminum or non- ferrous metal.

Our TruLaser Tube 5000-fiber tube laser is equipped with a 3D cutting head, and utilizes the power of solid state laser technology. It provides incredibly short processing times for a large selection of possible tubes and profiles. We can perform drilling, bevel cutting and make pin joints automatically and quickly in one production process.

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With tube laser cutting, we can perform drilling, sawing, bevel cutting and pin joints in one and the same process.