Sheet metal work

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Sheet metal processing

At Beritech Manufacturing, you will find one of the most flexible and advanced machine parks for sheet and plate processing.

To keep up with the massive development in steel processing, we are constantly investing in new machines and automation options. We have a wide range of machines for shaping processes, which offers versatile options.

At Beritech we can bend, flange, roll and deburr sheets in all common metals with  precision and high-quality results.  We are versatile and capable of manufacturing parts in all designs for many different industries - for small and large series productions alike.

The optimal shaping process is chosen according to complexity, material and design needs. By taking advantage of the possibilities for shaping sheets, the welding work can often be significantly reduced. This means lower manufacturing cost and higher finish.

Options in sheet and plate work

Read more about the different machining processes below.

  • Edge bending

    We have 4 different Bystronic press brakes. And thus are able to bend simple as well as complex components and profiles in steel according to your specifications.

    Press braking is a method used for bending steel sheets. The workpiece is placed on a lower tool with a V-shaped opening. A wedge-shaped tool (the knife) presses the workpiece into the V-opening, thus bending the plate to the desired angle. The process is done with different pressure load based on desired angle and sheet thickness.

    The result is ultimately unique steel components and profiles that require as little further processing as possible.

  • Deburring

    Within sheet and plate work, focus is often on the products being easy to handle and absolutely free of burrs. Deburring ensures smooth surfaces, edges, better durability and end finish.

    Deburring provides great economic benefits compared to manual machining.

    Our Costa machines are equipped with vertical sanding belts as well as brushes. This provides a nice surface and at the same time ensures efficient grinding and rounding of all sharp edges and corners. If your items need to be surface treated, deburring provides a more adhesive and durable surface treatment.

  • Rolling

    Our CNC-controlled rolling machine rolls all mouldable materials with high precision and quality.

    Sheet rolling is a specialized craft for rounding metal sheets, and is used when the item needs to be round, or a specific part of the item needs to be rounded. When rolling, the sheet is bent between three rotating rollers.

    In connection with rolling of casings, we offer welding of long seam, round seam, or other welding work on the rolled item through our in-house welding department. It enables us to solve requests for custom-made items of various types.

  • Flanging

    Flanging gives the workpiece a flanged or elevated edge. The process allows us to produce pieces with a wide range of purposes. Flanging can be performed on flat as well as conical top and bottoms.

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