Plate cutting

We cut all types of plate blanks

Sheet cutting

We cut and process all types of sheet metal blanks and have a large sheet metal warehouse.

Together we choose the right solution. Whether it is laser cutting or water cutting.


Read more about the different cutting methods below.

  • Laser cutting

    Laser cutting grants great flexibility and high cutting speed. The cutting process provides high-precision cuts, and the possibility of designing complex workpieces. There is also a minimum of heat exposure.

    Laser cutting provides an incredibly high quality in the cut and allows for cutting of virtually all types of metals and alloys. As a fast and efficient cutting technique, it is competitive in small and large series alike.

  • Water cutting

    Water cutting of sheets is preferred over other cutting processes when the workpiece is sensitive to high temperatures.

    Water jet cutting is a precise and efficient process. It is possible to cut large advanced items that require a unique finish. Water jet cutting is a cold cutting process. This means that there is no thermal impact on the workpiece - neither heat exposure nor curing.

    The beam cutting technique provides an extremely precise and fast figure cutting, without geometric limitations. Due to the precise and clean cut, the need for deburring as well as finishing is minimized.

    Advantages of water cutting:

    • No heat exposure of the material
    • Environmentally friendly method
    • Clean and precise cut, and thus minimal to no need for finishing

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