About Beritech Manufacturing

A trusted partner for customized production

A mutually beneficial production partnership

Everything we do, is focused on creating long-term value through a unified and flexible production solution. Our cutting-edge machine park combined with thorough quality control and skilled employees gives us the expert knowledge and the competencies needed to be an absolute leader in steel processing.

Working with Beritech Manufacturing, you will notice that we are professional people with humor and attitude. We are ambitious on your behalf, we challenge you and help you focus on achieving results for your business

About Beritech Manufacturing

Optimizing your product – one process and one piece of steel at a time.

High ambitions are nothing without measurable goals. Here we have listed everything our customers can expect in a collaboration with us as a production partner. Our promise, "Optimizing your product - one process and one piece of steel", is anchored in our four core values: quality, flexibility, cooperation and responsibility.



At Beritech Manufacturing, we demand a lot from each other. Because it takes a lot to achieve - and maintain - a strong position in the market. We are trusted by our customers because of our know-how and professionalism. Our processes are based on experience, professional pride and curiosity to create the most quality-assured value chain possible.



By understanding our customers' businesses, we offer bespoke solutions that yield high-quality, competitive products. We believe that the best solutions come from collaboration, which involves active listening and a deep understanding of all parties involved - our employees, customers, suppliers, and other partners.



In our industry, the finish line is constantly moving, demanding continuous improvement. Our flexibility provides the opportunity to further develop and organize production based on the specific task at hand. As we have few management layers in the company, we can make decisions quickly, beneficial to costs, environment, quality and logistics.



We want to be a responsible manufacturer. This means that we deliver in accordance with our promises, and take responsibility for what we do. We seek simplicity, and strive to create productive and efficient workflows. This involves continuous development of our facilities and manufacturing processes. This ensures a green and sustainable production with good working conditions.

With Beritech Manufacturing, you are guaranteed high-performance processes and facilities, where each element and team works as one.
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Part of the Beritech Group

The collaboration between the Beritech units means a large, shared pool of knowledge and significant cross-synergies, including facilities, employees, sourcing, competencies, and production facilities. Allowing joint ventures and partnering of units - to ultimately deliver the best solutions.

A common feature of Beritech Group units is the ability to incorporate the entire value chain, enabling us to be included in projects from the early consulting stages to engineering, manufacturing, assembly, and on-site installation.

Beritech are in the process of adding capacity over time to satisfy rising demand. The Beritech Group has 160 employees as of May. 2022 and 20-40 hired laborers.

The Beritech Group:

Beritech Stainless Steel Tanks A/S: Beritech Stainless Steel Tanks specializes in the design and manufacture of customized tank solutions, including silo and process tanks, transport, installation, and service.

Beritech Manufacturing A/S: A steel manufacturing partner with full-range processing for a wide range of industries. Client specifications are implemented in various production processes, and Beritech Manufacturing manages the entire logistics flow. Serving clients with both semi-finished goods and turn-key production.

Beritech Solutions A/S: Beritech Solutions are specialists in liquid handling, process technology, and process plant engineering. Offering design, project management, and delivery of turn-key solutions. All for the purpose of helping clients within the dairy and brewing industry improve product quality and increase productivity.

Rutek A/S: Rutek specializes in the construction and manufacture of welded structures in stainless steel, including special tanks and pressure equipment with PED approval for the pharmaceutical, food, offshore, and chemical industries.