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Design and engineering

We know what works in theory. And we know what works in practice as well. Steel processing in theory and practice combined with a thorough understanding of, and respect for, your company.

We have competencies within production technology, technical design and engineering to assist you in the design and planning phase. We utilize these competencies throughout the process from idea to finished product, facilitating optimal production conditions.

We can provide production technical advice by prototype, by re-design and by production optimization of existing products.

The right starting point

A production-optimized and competitive product starts with design and construction.
During this stage, we take into account optimal manufacturing processes and contribute with our professional expertise on material selection, production processes and surface treatment.

By leaving design and construction to us, you get the added benefit of production preparation and construction rolled into one operation. This also frees up resources, allowing you to prioritize other important tasks.

Based on your needs and specifications, we can help transform ideas into 3D drawings and production drawings.

Leave the responsibility to us

Most people know the end point and desired outcome of production. But where is the starting point, and what is required along the way?

  • 3D CAD technology

    We use 3D CAD technology to design and plan innovative and world-class products. If you have an idea for a product - we have the skills and software needed to produce technical 3D drawings. We have all the necessary tools for mechanical design, verification, simulation, data handling and communication regarding your product.

  • CE certification and traceability

    We help you get your documentation in order. For instance technical specifications related to steel type or gauging. We have full traceability in production and on your products. Such as material identification and certificates - and compliance with legal requirements for CE marking, declaration of performance and traceability.

Do you want to know more?

Do you want to know more about how we map and translate the insight in this phase into both recommendations and specific offers?

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