Process and silo tanks.

Tank Solutions for the Food Industry

Tank Solutions for the Most Demanding Processes.

Many operations in both food and dairy processing depend on the quality and efficiency of tank solutions.

At Beritech we have project managers, engineers and constructors with a broad experience across processes. We are an experienced supplier to the food industry with high demands for traceability, performance and ease of cleaning and flow.

We offer following tanks: 

  • Process tanks
  • Silo tanks
  • Stainless non-pressurized tanks 
  • Stainless pressurized tanks 
  • Balance tanks 
  • Mixer tanks 
  • Holding cells 
  • Melting tanks 


Available both as standardized or customized to individual needs.

  • Process tanks

    Process tanks from Beritech in stainless steel meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements.

    The tanks are designed to perform a range of functions such as mixing, heating, cooling, fermenting, or chemical reaction as part of your production process. This is crucial in food industries, where product quality, hygiene, and precision are key factors.

    Complete process solutions from a single provider

    At Beritech, we have the capability to offer complete solutions in the design and manufacture of tanks, process equipment, and project management.

    The optimized communication path between design, manufacturing, and assembly is one of our absolute strengths. It not only creates quality and consistency in the projects but also lays the foundation for our competitive prices.

    We are happy to take responsibility for the entire project, including construction work and commissioning – and you are relieved from communicating with multiple project managers and suppliers.

  • Silo tanks

    We offer a wide range of silo tank solutions to meet your storage needs, including:

    • Dairy silos: Designed for the storage of milk, cream, and other dairy products, these tanks are manufactured to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the dairy industry.
    • Food silos: Ideal for the storage of food products such as powders and liquids, these tanks are designed to protect your products from contamination and spoilage.
    • Chemical silos: Manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of the chemical industry, these tanks are resistant to corrosion and can store a wide range of chemicals safely and securely.

    Designed and constructed to meet your specific needs, with limitless possibilities for customization:

      • Isolation with Crimp Wrap or Armaflex.
      • External cladding with a trapeze shaped or stainless 2B plate.
      • The top can be equipped with an ISO-top, railing, ladder, and non-slip surface.
      • Mechanical vacuum circuit breaker solution for tanks equipped with vent pipes to reduce the risk of collapse if the tank is overfilled. The vent pipe can be equipped with a valve on the tank top, so that steam released during CIP is vented outdoors and does not end up inside the building.
      • Cooling/warming and electrical heat tracking.
      • Stirrers.
      • Alcove or complete tank finger built with rafters and panel walls in stainless steel.

    These are just a few of the solutions we offer. Contact us to learn more about our complete range of silo tanks.

  • Stainless non-pressurized tanks

    We are renowned for our expertise in crafting stainless, non-pressurized tanks of all sizes, up to 50 m3. These tanks are widely utilized for various applications including storage, mixing, Clean-In-Place (CIP) processes, and more. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients, our tanks can be outfitted with:

    • Insulation
    • Heating mantles
    • Screw agitators
    • Frame agitators
    • Diverse types of connections
    • Ladders and platforms

    Our design process predominantly utilizes Solid Works 3D, enabling clients to visualize their custom tank configurations. Additionally, we frequently develop tanks from designs provided by our customers, ensuring a product that perfectly fits their needs.

  • Stainless pressurized tanks

    Nearly all of our stainless tanks are custom-designed to suit our clients' specific requirements. We create drawings in collaboration with our clients, ensuring that each tank is precisely dimensioned and approved according to the PED 2014-68-EU standards and calculated to meet EN 13445 specifications.

    Our stainless pressurized tanks are versatile and come in various designs to serve a wide range of applications:

    • Fermentation tanks
    • Brewing tanks
    • Yeast tanks
    • Buffer tanks
    • BBT
    • Sterilization tanks, aseptic tanks
    • Pressurized tanks
    • Deaeration
    • Boilers

    Additionally, we offer the option to equip these tanks with multitube heat exchangers, including aseptic versions if needed.

  • Balance tanks

    Our production line includes a diverse array of tanks designed for use as balance tanks in numerous processing facilities. These tanks are available with either conical or flat bottoms, and in certain cases, feature internal cones.

    Clients have the option to choose between tanks with a fixed top equipped with hatches or balance tanks featuring removable lids.

    Furthermore, we manufacture balance tanks in configurations of either single tanks or double tanks, the latter of which are capable of storing two distinct liquids.

  • Mixer tanks

    As part of our services, we offer mixer tanks tailored to our customers' needs. Together, we identify the optimal mixing technique for their ingredients and design the necessary agitators or mixers accordingly.

  • Holding cells

    Our holding cells are designed as cylindrical tanks with a spiral pipe embedded within the insulation. A single tank can house multiple spirals, one inside the other. All connections are directed towards a connection panel at the bottom.

    The holding cells can be segmented into various spirals, each with its own length. These individual cells can be connected in series at the connection panel, allowing for adjustable holding times.

    Installations featuring holding cells offer multiple benefits, including:

    • Less heat loss, as they are insulated
    • Easier installation
    • Less room needed
    • Less pressure loss

    We are capable of providing holding cell tanks in pipes up to a maximum diameter of 129 x 2.0 mm. We are also happy to customize the dimensions of holding cells according to our customers' specific requirements:

    • Flow
    • Nominal holding time
    • Product
    • Viscosity
    • Temperature
    • Density
  • Melting tanks

    Designed specifically for the food and dairy industries, our melting tanks are engineered to efficiently transform solids such as cheeses and fats into liquids, a vital step in numerous production processes.

    These versatile units heat their contents to exact temperatures, ensuring a consistent, smooth melt without sacrificing the quality, texture, or taste of sensitive ingredients and finished products.

    With hygiene as a priority, each melting tank meets the rigorous cleanliness standards demanded by the food and dairy sectors. Additionally, they are crafted for effortless incorporation into both new and existing production lines, guaranteeing smooth operations and improved workflows.

Costumized Tank Solutions.

Tailored to the Most Demanding Needs.

We offer a variety of specialized tanks tailored to specific needs, including:

  • Various types of cheese tanks
  • Cottage cheese tanks
  • Yoghurt tanks
  • Fermentation tanks
  • Mixer tanks equipped with frame agitators and mixers
  • Tanks and hoppers for powder storage
  • Pressure tanks

Our Tanks Meet the Highest Standards.

The food industry requires exceptionally hygienic processes. Our extensive experience with sanitary installations has underscored the critical importance of hygienic design to reduce the risk of bacterial growth and eliminate potential risk factors like air pockets or areas of stagnation.

3D simulation, hygiene testing, and emptying speed are just some examples of the tests our tanks must pass.

We always perform individual calculations for your tank to determine wall thickness and ventilation. Our designers create everything in 3D, allowing you to review and approve the tank before we begin production. We also prepare flow simulation to ensure the correct number and size of agitators.

All our tanks are made in a hygienic design with steel and components from leading European suppliers. All parts are manufactured in Denmark by our certified employees.

Contact us.

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