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At Beritech, we design, manufacture, and install complete systems and processing facilities on board all types of vessels - domestically and globally.

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The seafood industry is constantly changing, and in a world with rising demands from every corner and level of society, there is an increasing need for advanced solutions that can meet the changing expectations of both fishermen and consumers.

Onboard processes must be optimized and streamlined. Downtime must be minimized. Hygiene in production must be maximized, and all the while, sustainability must be ensured. This requires precision, expertise, and commitment from the entire industry.

And that's why we're here.

Onboard Products & Solutions.

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While Beritech may be the new kid on the block, we've assembled a team of industry experts you may well already know. This is your assurance that the onboard products we provide align closely with our commitment to supporting our customers in achieving success in a competitive world.

All our products are designed with a holistic approach that considers factors such as hygiene, sustainability, quotas, and safety. Our goal is to offer solutions that address the requirements of different processing stages, ensuring maximum quality and efficiency onboard throughout the entire process.

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2023 Portraetter Beritech Hans Peter Kristensen 3

Project Manager - Seafood Onboard

Hans Peter Kristensen

At Beritech, we are ambitious on your behalf. Our goal is not simply to deliver clever products but to offer intelligent solutions for your unique challenges.