Covering all your needs within steel processing

As a full-scale supplier of steel processing to a wide range of industries, we service companies throughout Europe. We implement your specifications in various production processes, and manage the entire logistics flow.

We are with you all the way - securing higher quality, anchored delivery security and resource efficiency.

Beritech’s ambition is to provide reliable and tailored production services for modern companies. A service that is both personal and easy to use. We have what it takes to deliver a complete solution. Whether you need complete or semi-finished steel constructions.


Together we create better products

A high-quality and competitive product starts with professional advice. We always set the best team, so you are guaranteed the optimal solution - every time. With your business at the core, we develop efficient, cutting-edge solutions.


Efficient use of resources

Our setup is flexible, precise and easy to adjust. Our production lines are rapidly adapted to match the specifications of the task at hand, and we manage all stages of any project. For you, this means fewer resources used, competitive pricing and short delivery times.


We deliver as agreed

We know that on-time delivery and compliance with quality and environmental requirements is essential to your business. We offer complete production solutions and provide overview and coherence between all parts of your value chain. In short, we provide the right solutions at the right times.

Our knowledge - your options

We have chosen to think differently with one overall value chain covering all your needs within steel processing. Read more about the plethora of processes your product goes through from idea to delivery below.

Machinery and good craftsmanship are just tools. It is how we can make a difference for our customers that counts.
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