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We encourage transparency

Beritech Group is committed to conducting business with integrity, and to doing the right thing for our customers, our colleagues and society. We want to offer all employees and stakeholders the opportunity to anonymously report misconduct and potential issues through our whistleblower platform.

Our Whistleblower Platform is a confidential channel which allows employees, business partners and other relevant stakeholders to raise concerns about suspected serious violations of law or Beritech rules in areas such as: IT security, data privacy (GDPR), safety, financial crimes, such as bribery or fraud, environmental violations, breaches of competition law, human rights violations, sexual harassment, and discrimination. 

The system cannot track or identify you. No cookies, IP address or similar is stored. Reports can be made anonymously and all cases are kept confidential, whether names are provided or not. Our Whisteblower Platform is hosted on a secure, external website where anyone can raise concerns safely and anonymously.

Follow the link below to tell us about the issue:

Beritech Whistleblower Platform


For questions regarding our whistleblower platform, please reach out to our dedicated Chief Legal Officer.

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