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Our welding department has undergone major development, and today welding is one of the cornerstones of our production.

We have a professional welding department with experienced certified blacksmiths, and the latest welding techniques. It provides a high and uniform quality in our welding work.

We offer both manual and automated welding. With our two welding robots, we are able to perform advanced welding tasks with both MIG / MAG, TIG and plasma welding. Each process has unique properties and is selected based on material, construction and complexity.

Our setup is designed to handle many different types of items, both in terms of size, material and complexity. At the same time, we are deliverable and competitive on series productions of all sizes. From prototypes to large series - and to a wide range of different industries.

A flexible setup

When we choose one method over the other, it is based on the specific construction and its application.

  • Robot welding

    Robot welding is another name for automated welding and is far more efficient and uniform than manual welding.

    Application of robot welding makes us highly competitive in terms of price, quality and efficiency. We have different types of welding robots, which makes welding automation flexible whether we have 1 or several thousand items to weld.

    Automated welding by robot ensures uniform welding seams in a constant high quality. The high accuracy also means less scrap and waste.

    Advantages of robot welding:

    • Cost effective
    • Increased efficiency
    • Optimal and uniform welding quality
    • Less material waste during the welding process
  • Manual welding

    Manual welding is far more adaptable and flexible than automated welding. It remains your best choice when it comes to complex constructions that require human professional skills from an experienced blacksmith. Manual welding is therefore the preferred welding method for many joints.

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