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Kystvejen 58, DK-9400 Noerresundby


Career and Education

Pia Mai Mortensen
People & Culture Business Partner

+45 26 25 31 93

Press relations

Anne Kold
Marketing & Communications Manager

+45 60 12 15 10


Various practical information

  • Opening hours

    Monday - Thursday:
    6am - 5.30pm

    6am - 4.30pm

  • Overview of locations

    Noerresundby location - Headquarters and production: Kystvejen 58, DK-9400 Nørresundby, Denmark.

    Aalborg location - Office and production: Svendborgvej 5, DK-9220 Aalborg, Denmark.

    Randers location - Office and production: Kertemindevej 44, DK-8940 Randers SV, Denmark.

    Kalundborg location - Office and production: Østre Havnevej 18, DK-4400 Kalundborg. 

    Hillerød location - Production: Krakasvej 11B, DK-3400 Hillerød. 

  • Terms and conditions

  • Bank details

    Bank: Jyske Bank
    Account number: 5059 1195883
    IBAN: DK9250590001195883


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Portrætter Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH Ny9

Group CEO

Bent Larsen

Website Rune 2023

Group CFO

Rune Märcher Skov

2023 Lasser Sh 2023

Head of Quality

Lasse Bo Lumholdt Riisager

Website Christiancp 2023

Group CLO

Thomas Christian Pedersen

2023 Peterm Sh 2023

CTO - Seafood Processing

Peter Møller

2023 Kennethp Sh 2023

Project Director - Pharma

Kenneth Poulsen

Jess Website

Sales Director - Food & Seafood

Jess Kristensen

Beritech Website Pia Mai Mortensen Juli2023

People & Culture Business Partner

Pia Mai Mortensen

2023 Anne Sh 2023

Marketing & Communications Manager

Anne Kold

2023 Portraetter Beritech Hans Peter Kristensen 3

Project Manager - Seafood Onboard

Hans Peter Kristensen

2023 Clausn Sh 2023

Sales and Business Manager

Claus Nielsen

Lars Jøker Baggrund

Innovation Partner & Sales Manager - Seafood Processing

Lars Jøker

Andreas Bonde Hassingboe Baggrund

Global Product & Installation Specialist - Seafood Processing

Andreas Bonde Hassingboe

Kenneth Larsen Baggrund

Sales & Business Manager - Seafood Onboard

Kenneth Larsen

Rasmus Frost Sh

Head of Processing & Supply Service

Rasmus Frost

Patrick Helligsøe Hansen Baggrund

Head of Project & System Engineering - Pharma

Patrick Helligsøe Hansen

Madsnew Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Head of System Engineering - Pharma

Mads Starcke-Jensen

Erik Henriksen Baggrund

Senior Technical Sales Manager - Pharma

Erik Henriksen


Managing Director Beritech Engineering

Claus Byriel Overgaard Pedersen

Emil Bjeldbak Baggrund

Mechanical Engineer

Emil Bjeldbak

Portrætter Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH Ny12

Sales Order Manager - Processing & Supply Service

Steen Buus Christensen

Frank Torhus Baggrund

Area Sales Manager - Processing & Supply Service

Frank Torhus

Sørentim Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Sales & Business Manager - Tank & Liquid Processing

Søren Tim Christensen

2023 Tommy Sh 2023

Production & Installation Manager - Kalundborg/Pharma

Tommy Nørby Christensen

2023 Rasmusborup Sh 2023

Project Manager - Pharma

Rasmus Borup Nørgaard

2023 Kimb Sh 2023

Project Manager - Pharma

Kim Boye

Annekolling Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Project Manager - Food

Anne Kolling Andersen

013 Per Loefqvist Website

Project Manager - Food

Per Eli Løfqvist

2023 Lenenorbech Sh 2023

Project Coordinator

Lene Nørbech Johannesen

2023 Lone Sh 2023

Accountant, Payroll

Lone Holm Petersen

Portrætter Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH Ny10


Michelle Lund Stoffregen

Bente Nygaard Webredigeret


Bente Nygaard

Anitaol Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Head of Finance & Administration - Beritech Randers

Anita Oue Laursen

Peterc Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Business Controller

Peter Christoffersen

Portrætter Baggrund ZOOM SH Mike Christensen

Automation Manager

Mike Christensen

Larshenrik Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Facility Manager - Aalborg & Nørresundby

Lars Henrik Thyregod

005 Website

Tubes Programmer - Processing & Supply Service

Jonas Matzen

2023 Henrik Sh 2023

Team Leader & Apprenticeship Coordinator (Aalborg & Nørresundby)

Henrik S. Frederiksen

Kirstennew Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Project Manager

Kirsten F.S. Petersen

Jonasjellesen Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Project Manager

Jonas Jellesen

Hellekk Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH


Helle Klitgaard Korsbæk

Annebirgittez Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH


Anne Birgitte Zachariassen

Kennethm Portrætter 2.3 Lager Baggrund ZOOM SH

Project Manager - Pharma

Kenneth Madsen

Lotte Schmidt Baggrund1

Technical Coordinator - Spare Parts & Service

Lotte Schmidt

2023 Skabelon Portrætter Nr2(Kystvejen)Martin

Head of Warehouse & Shipping

Martin Ryge Reinholdt

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