About Beritech

Your partner in pioneering advanced solutions for the Food and Pharma industries. Explore our mission and values and join un on our journey.

Solutions Driven by People

Beritech delivers premium project solutions to diverse clients in the food and pharmaceutical industries. At the heart of our success lies a passionate team of 720+ employees driving innovation and collaboration to achieve high-quality outcomes in every project.

What sets Beritech Group apart is our holistic approach to project involvement. We seamlessly integrate into the entire value chain, allowing us to participate in projects from their initial consulting and design stages all the way through engineering, manufacturing, assembly, on-site installation, and service.

Our commitments


Our mission is to support the production of high-quality, safe, and affordable food and pharmaceuticals. Central to achieving this goal are our dedicated team members and the deep partnerships we establish with our clients, enabling us to effectively meet and exceed global demands.


Our vision is to become a global leader in providing project solutions that propel the food and pharmaceutical industries forward. By employing exceptional talent and fostering unique partnerships, we aim to be the go-to advisor and ally for our clients.

Our core values

High ambitions mean nothing without measurable objectives, and our values are the cornerstone of all our business activities. They represent what our customers can expect from us – and serve as a crucial common thread connecting our employees across various locations and cultures.  


Our People

Our greatest asset is our people. Their expertise, creativity, and dedication are the driving force behind the innovative solutions we offer.


Elevating Standards

We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Through continuous research, development, and innovation, we aim to set new industry standards, ensuring that our clients remain at the forefront of their fields.


People-Centric Approach

We place our clients' needs at the center of everything we do. Our solutions are meticulously tailored to address the unique challenges and aspirations of each client, fostering lasting relationships built on mutual trust and understanding.


Support & Partnership

Building enduring partnerships is a fundamental value because we believe that collaborative efforts lead to mutual growth and prosperity in the ever-evolving marketplace.

2023 in Review With ur CEO.

"In many ways, 2023 has been a watershed year for Beritech marked by significant growth." – Bent Larsen, CEO.

Join our CEO as he reflect on the highlights and milestones of 2023 – and look ahead to 2024, where we are dedicated to further expanding in both the Food and Pharma sectors.

Our ESG strategy is centered around 3 core commitments that represent the areas where we believe Beritech can have the greatest positive impact.
Beritech ESG rapport 2022