CNC bearbejdning

With precision and diligence - every time

CNC machining

DKMI is a high-tech company known for being at the forefront of machining options, delivering well-thought-out and implemented CNC solutions - every time.

We share a production facility with Dansk Maskinindustri A/S (DKMI) - a highly specialized CNC machining center. In addition to sharing common facilities, we also share the vision of making the production process as simple as possible for our customers. This is achieved by combining our specialties, enabling us to cover the
entire value chain of your production.

Unique CNC machining is done in all materials and series sizes, utilizing an advanced and modern machine park and experienced CNC operators.

DKMI performs CNC turning and CNC milling as well as other aspects of CNC machining.

Quality is never a coincidence

"Quality is never a coincidence", is more than a tagline for DKMI. Meticulous CNC machining is all about precision, diligence and innovative thinking.

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We have chosen to think differently with one overall value chain covering all your needs within steel processing.