BE5301 | Round Deheading Table

Highly efficient deheading of salmonoids.

Next Generation of Highly Efficient Deheading.

The BE-5301 streamlines production processes by reducing the need for manual fish handling and lifting. This enhancement optimizes workflow and enables a consistent operation pace, allowing for up to 30 fish to be processed per minute. Such efficiency not only boosts throughput but also enhances the overall quality and yield of the deheading process.

Designed for salmonid processing, the deheading table is robust, stable, and meets strict hygiene standards. It integrates easily into existing lines, offering adaptability for various capacity needs. 


About the BE-5301.




1820 mm


Up to 30 fish/min

Power Consumption

2.4 kW


3 x 400V + N + PE / 3 x 220V + PE

Weight Approx.

900 kg

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