BE-5400 | Trimming Line Series

Designed with focus on durability and stability, enabling precise trimming tasks.

BE-5401 | One-lane Trimming Line.

Efficient Trimming Directly on the Belt.

The BE-5401 consists of a conveyor with a modular belt, equipped with 4 to 10 workstations for efficient trimming directly on the belt.

At the beginning of the line, the first two workstations are outfitted with small fillet buffers and manual trimming boards. These are specifically designed for correcting imperfections from the filleting machine and for training new operators.

The system also includes a mechanism where the trim is directed into a chute at each station, then collected below on a two-lane trim conveyor that allows for the separation of trimmings.

BE-5411 | Two-lane Trimming Line.

Facilitates Effective Separation of Trimmings.

The BE-5411 features two conveyors with modular belts designed for precise trimming directly on the belt, accommodating 4 to 10 workstations. This two-lane edition is enhanced with a shelf for storing knives and knife sharpeners, promoting efficiency and safety.

At the forefront of the trimming line, the first two workstations are equipped with small fillet buffers and manual trimming boards. Tailored for correcting miscuts from the filleting machine and for the onboarding of new operators, these stations ensure a smooth introduction to the process.

Trim materials are conveniently disposed of in the middle of the line, dropping down to a two-lane trim conveyor situated below. This design facilitates the effective separation of trimmings, maintaining a clean and organized work environment.


About the BE-5400 Series.





Up to 10 people

Up to 10 people

Power Consumption

0.75 kW

0.75 kW


3 x 400V + N + PE /3x220V + PE

3 x 400V + N + PE /3x220V + PE

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