The Beritech Group appoints new Chief Financial Officer


The Beritech Group announces that Rune Märcher Skov will join Beritech as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Executive Board. Rune Märcher Skov brings strong financial experience from multiple senior positions, most recently as CFO of Scandibyg A/S.

Rune Märcher Skov brings more than 17 years of financial and leadership experience to the role, previously serving as CFO of Scandibyg.

Rune has held various finance positions in large Danish companies, and also served as Group Finance Manager at Carsoe. Rune holds a master’s degree in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School. He began his career in the accounting industry, where he spent 10+ years with Deloitte and Beierholm.

In his role, Rune Märcher Skov will oversee corporate finance, and strengthening Beritech´s finance team and management as part of the company’s future growth. This focus includes the implementation of new management systems, leading to stronger prioritization and resource allocation overall.

“We’re lucky to have a talent like Rune to join our team. Rune will bring to Beritech a combination of stellar commercial credentials and a people-centric leadership style. He is thoughtful, innovative, and cares deeply about growing and seeding talent. Looking to the future, I believe Rune's expertise and extensive business experience make him the ideal next CFO,” says CEO Bent Larsen.

To Beritech will Rune offer a combination of stealer commercial credential and a people-centric leadership style.

He continues: “The scope of the financial function has expanded. Rune will be an important asset to me personally and to the company. He sees great value in applying digital analytics, not only in the finance function of the company, but in a wider business operation.”

Rune Märcher Skov is looking forward to joining Beritech Group:

“Joining Beritech represents a unique opportunity for me to return to the steel manufacturing industry. Beritech has delivered strong financial results and shown impressive resilience. The company has a very strong business model with clear focus on profitability and growth. But most important I am joining Beritech because I believe in the business model and the team behind it,” says Rune Märcher Skov.

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