Beritech, COBY-Design, and Askmer Form Beritech Engineering


Beritech is excited to introduce its latest venture: the establishment of Beritech Engineering in partnership with COBY-Design and Askmer.

A little over a year ago, Beritech disclosed its investment in the engineering firm, COBY-Design. Today signifies the next phase of their transformative journey as Beritech's engineering department, COBY-Design, and Askmer join forces to create Beritech Engineering.

With the new entity, the names of COBY-Design and Askmer will cease to exist, however; clients and partners can rest assured that the high quality, dedication to innovation, and problem-solving expertise will continue on.

A New Era of Engineering Innovation

The formation of Beritech Engineering signifies a strategic move to leverage the combined strengths, expertise, and resources of the three companies, ushering in a new era of engineering innovation and customer-centric solutions.

By joining forces, Beritech Engineering aims to enhance its capabilities and value propositions, particularly within the fields of piping and plant engineering for the pharmaceutical and food processing industry.

Additionally, Beritech Engineering will offer a broader range of engineering solutions tailored to meet the dynamic needs of clients across other industries as well.

Beritech Engineering will offer a range of services, from individualized offerings to comprehensive turnkey solutions. These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Piping and plant engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • Concept and Production Development
  • Modeling & Simulations
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • Project Management
  • Electrical & Automation
Claus Byriel (former CEO, COBY-Design), Emil Bjeldbak (former CEO, Askmer), and Bent Larsen, CEO, Beritech Group in the new facilities at Kystvejen.

Combining Expertise

The integration of talent within Beritech, COBY-Design, and Askmer is a significant aspect of the new entity, as they collectively comprise a diverse group of engineers with a wide range of expertise and experience. From seasoned veterans with decades of industry knowledge to emerging talents pioneering technological advancements, their combined competencies provide a comprehensive foundation for further success as a unified entity.

The fusion of talent thus reflects Beritech Engineering’s dedication to providing top-tier engineering services and their commitment to delivering sustainable and innovative solutions industry-wide.

For Further Information

Please contact:

Anne Kold, PR & Communications Manager: +45 60 12 15 10,

Claus Byriel Overgaard Pedersen: +45 61 66 43 75,

Emil Bjeldbak: +45 21 45 18 54,