Insights and Innovation: Our Key Takeaways from ACHEMA 2024


Beritech marked a significant milestone in our ongoing development within Pharma by participating in ACHEMA 2024, a premier and influential expo held in Frankfurt for the industry.

Last Friday, 11 of our dedicated employees returned from the prestigious event, where Beritech proudly showcased its capabilities for the first time. Our primary focus was to engage with international customers and partners, sharing our expertise and experiences.

At Beritech, we are committed to staying aligned with market trends and the latest innovations. Our participation in ACHEMA was driven by the need to meet and exceed the high standards set by our customers in the Pharma sector, a goal we continually achieve.

Over recent years, we have successfully managed numerous projects within the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from small-scale initiatives to billion-dollar ventures. Our portfolio includes everything from skid and PAU production to comprehensive projects covering the entire process from initial design to final installation and FAT.

Rasmus Borup, our Head of System Engineering, attended the expo and shares his insights:

"ACHEMA is a leading event in the process industry, offering invaluable networking opportunities with key industry players. Our objective was to demonstrate Beritech's capacity to deliver large, complex projects, and, in my opinion, we succeeded."

3D Models Attracted Visitors

Conveying the complexity of Beritech's solutions in a simple manner can be challenging. To address this, we utilized 3D models at the expo, providing a realistic depiction of our products and solutions.

Rasmus Borup explains: "The 3D models served as 'eye-catchers,' helping us stand out. As we continue to expand our international focus in Pharma, we placed great emphasis on effectively communicating our solutions. The visual aspect of our presentation underscored our position as a modern, innovative company, making our complex solutions easily understandable."

"The key takeaway from the expo is the valuable insights and learning we have gained through networking and knowledge sharing with key players in the pharmaceutical industry."
– Rasmus Borup, Head of System Engineering

Strategic Goals for 2024

Participating in events like ACHEMA is crucial for Beritech, not only for networking but also for uniting our employees across various departments to communicate our achievements in Pharma.

Rasmus Borup emphasizes: "One of our primary goals for 2024 is to foster synergy across our departments and teams. We need to ensure that we utilize our resources effectively and capitalize on each other's strengths. Creating interdepartmental synergy is vital for our success.

Rasmus Borup also highlights the diverse team that participated: “Our team at ACHEMA comprised members from Engineering, QA, Sales, and Marketing. This diverse mix of expertise was a significant advantage and provided visitors with a comprehensive understanding of Beritech as an organization.”

From left: Sarkaft Saleh, Teresa Baja, Anne Kold, Rasmus Borup, Bent Larsen, Verena Jensen og Erik Henriksen.

Reflecting on the overall experience and the key benefits of participating in the expo, Rasmus Borup concludes:

"The key takeaway from the expo is the valuable insights and learning we have gained through networking and knowledge sharing with key players in the pharmaceutical industry. This will strengthen our ability to meet our customers' high expectations and improve our capacity to deliver complex projects.”

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