Beritech Group Doubles Revenue in 2022


Beritech Group proudly announces a significant increase in revenue in 2022, accompanied by strategic decision-making that has paved the way for new partnerships and market expansions.

Beritech Group is pleased to report a significant increase in revenue in 2022, reflecting the company's commitment to strategic decision-making and expansion efforts. Despite challenging market conditions, Beritech has achieved substantial growth in its core business, delivering results in line with expectations.

Beritech Group's revenue has doubled from 2021 to 2022, resulting in an increase of DKK 150 million in the overall revenue. Beritech has solidified its international position as a trusted partner in tank and process equipment, with a strong focus on the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Bent Larsen, CEO of Beritech Group, expressed his satisfaction with the annual results, stating, "2022 has been an exceptional year on multiple fronts. Not only have we achieved satisfactory financial outcomes, but we have also elevated our partnerships with customers to new heights, ensuring the stability of their supply chains amidst a time of uncertainty and turbulence. Throughout 2022, we made significant strides towards our long-term strategy, and we are now excitedly looking forward to a promising 2023 with our order books nearly at capacity."

Commitment to Sustainable Business and Green Transformation

Beritech recognizes the vital role the manufacturing industry plays in driving sustainable societal change. As a dedicated supporter of our customers' green transition, we provide them with innovative and sustainable products, solutions, and consulting services. In 2022, we successfully integrated our ESG strategy into the core of our operations, making investments in green technologies, talent, partnerships, and innovative solutions.

In line with our commitment to sustainability, we established ambitious targets for 2030, focusing on reducing CO2 emissions associated with our facilities and customer offerings. We continually raise the bar for sustainability and, in 2022, we established a dedicated Quality Department responsible for implementing environmental certification ISO 14001 and occupational health and safety management certification ISO 45001.

We place utmost emphasis on investing in our employees, creating a workplace where they thrive and enjoy coming to work.
Bent Larsen, Group CEO

Outlook for 2023

Building on our aggressive growth plan, Beritech invested over DKK 50 million in 2022 to expand into new business areas and enhance operational efficiency through advanced machinery. This investment has significantly increased capacity and positioned Beritech for substantial revenue growth in 2023.

Additionally, Beritech plan to invest further in the coming year, prioritizing areas such as robotics, digitization, and expanding and enhancing production and engineering capabilities to strengthen overall operational capacity.

Beritech’ s consistent growth trajectory has led to a substantial increase in workforce. In 2022 alone, Beritech generated 80 new job opportunities. As of April 2023, Beritech proudly employs over 200 full-time staff members and an additional temporary workforce of over 130 individuals.

To meet the growing demand, Beritech will continue their efforts to attract and retain top talent throughout 2023.

Bent Larsen emphasizes, "We maintain a high pace of transformation at Beritech, with a strong focus on operational optimization and uncovering new growth opportunities. While we recognize the importance of investing in machinery and infrastructure, we place utmost emphasis on investing in our employees, creating a workplace where they thrive and enjoy coming to work. Our employees are our most valuable asset.”

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