Acquisition of BB-Steel


Beritech is thrilled to share the news of its latest accomplishment – the acquisition of BB-Steel, a company located in Kalundborg.

This marks Beritech's seventh acquisition in just three years, highlighting its strong commitment to sustainable growth.

BB-Steel's skilled team will now join Beritech's already impressive on-site installation workforce in the Zealand region.

With this acquisition, Beritech's total workforce will exceed 500 individuals.

This development comes at a pivotal time, with increasing demand in the Zealand region, especially from pharmaceutical companies.

Through this acquisition, Beritech will enhance its capabilities in assembly, piping, and welding tasks. BB-Steel's expertise in prefabrication and on-site installation seamlessly complements Beritech's strengths. BB-Steel is recognized for its strong partnerships with major clients, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry.

In conjunction with the ownership transfer, BB-Steel will undergo a name change and be rebranded as "Beritech Kalundborg." Additionally, Beritech is actively working towards enhanced transparency across all companies and locations, which includes further name changes within the group.

This acquisition also includes the expansion of facilities. In addition to BB-Steel's current address in Kalundborg and Beritech's established location in Hillerød, a new facility will be established on Østre Havnevej in Kalundborg, further enhancing Beritech's presence and capacity in the region.

Meeting Customer Demands for Comprehensive Suppliers and Nurturing a Positive Workplace

Mads Borregaard, the former owner of BB-Steel, will continue to be part of the journey. He will serve as one of the daily managers in the Zealand region for a year and then transition into a consultant and advisory role.

Mads Borregaard's decision to sell BB-Steel was greatly influenced by Beritech's reputation as a company that values its employees.

"The talk about Beritech treating its staff well is true. It matters a lot when you're selling your business and entrusting your valued employees to others," he remarked.

Furthermore, Beritech's extensive value chain, including design, production, documentation, and project management within tank and process equipment, is a substantial advantage.

Mads emphasizes that this comprehensive value proposition and substantial capacity meet the demands of existing customers who seek suppliers with all-inclusive offerings.

For further information:

Bent Larsen, CEO Beritech Group
Tel. +45 22 24 66 58

Mads Borregaard, Former CEO of BB-Steel
Tel. +45 40 41 13 91


Anne Kold, Marketing & Communications Manager
Tel:+45 60 12 15 10