Beritech Expands Administrative and Production Capacity in Nørresundby


Beritech is pleased to announce the addition of 9,000 square meters of space in Kystvejens Erhvervspark in Nørresundby.

The facilities are being acquired from Aalborg Vognmandsforretning (AVAS). The acquisition will occur in stages concluding on January 31, 2024, when AVAS will relocate. Beritech has already commenced renovation of parts of the facilities.

Following the addition, Beritech will now control a total of 17,500 square meters of production and administrative space in Nørresundby. This brings the company's total area in Denmark to 28,000 square meters. The expansion will enable Beritech to meet the growing demand from customers and expand its portfolio of advanced steel solutions for the Food, Dairy, Seafood, and Pharma industries.

"We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Nørresundby facilities," says Bent Larsen, CEO of Beritech. "This is a pivotal step in our long-term growth and development strategy. It strengthens our position as a supplier with extensive resources and capability, fully equipped to meet the needs of various industries. This will not only improve our internal logistical efficiency but also allow us to broaden our range of products and services in a way that exceeds customer expectations."

The Growth Journey Continues

The addition of the facilities comes at a strategically opportune time, as Beritech has identified the need for increased production capacity. Hence, renovations are already underway.

The plan is to relocate Beritech's Shared Service functions from Aalborg Øst to Nørresundby, consolidating departments such as purchasing, finance, and People & Culture with the rest of the administration in Nørresundby. Additionally, all production and project management of machinery and equipment for the Food and Seafood industries will move from Beritech's Aalborg location to the expanded facilities in Nørresundby.

With increasing demand from the Food and Seafood industries, there is a need to expand both capacity and product ranges for these segments. The move provides both space and logistics by consolidating expertise and resources in one location.

At the location in Aalborg Øst, Beritech will continue to house its Supply Service unit. This unit not only supplies Beritech's various production units but also offers steel processing and semi-finished products to customers across industries. The expansion of the Nørresundby facilities and the relocation of multiple units, will also provide Beritech with room to expand and increase capacity in this segment.

About Beritech

Beritech is an international partner in tank and process equipment for the food, dairy, seafood, and pharmaceutical industries. The mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to support the production of high-quality, safe, and affordable food and pharmaceuticals.

Beritech Group has experienced explosive growth since 2020. During this period, the number of employees has skyrocketed from 23 to over 500, and Beritech has continuously expanded its area of expertise.

With the new facilities, Beritech will establish its headquarters in Nørresundby. The group also has branches in Aalborg Øst, Randers, Hinnerup, Hillerød, and Kalundborg.

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