Beritech bolsters its ranks again with Jess Kristensen’s appointment as Sales Director


A useful addition is set to boost the sales team at the Beritech Group, in the form of an industry veteran with more than 22 years of experience within sales and customer relations.

The new team member in question, Jess Kristensen, has experience of improving sales and income streams through trust-based relationships with customers, careful planning, and innovative solutions. He also brings a wide range of sales, management, and technical experience to the role. In his most recent role prior to joining us, as Sales and Business Manager at Carsoe A/S, his 12 years of service contributed to the growth and evolution of the company.

CEO Bent Larsen (left) and Sales Director Jess Kristensen (right)

Jess has worked within sales, consulting, and solutions for the food production industry since the start of his career. Known for his ability to do sales at both a strategic and customer-orientated level, it was Beritech’s growth journey in particular that captured his interest.

“I find Beritech’s drive and readiness to change very inspiring. It has strong company values and a suitable level of willingness to take risks, which makes it an exciting place to go to work. Playing a part in making strategy and visions become reality – to help customers – is a noble cause, I find,” Jess Kristensen says.

Joins the sales team in Beritech Manufacturing

Jess Kristensen will be employed at Beritech Manufacturing, the supply chain services specialist. Beritech Manufacturing has been highly successful at entering into mutually beneficial partnerships with other manufacturers, and producers for the food industry in particular. Beritech has enjoyed rapid development since the beginning, with increasing demand and increased volumes of business across all four companies of the Beritech Group; the 2021 turnover figure achieved by the Group as a whole represented an increase of more than 300% on 2020.

CEO Bent Larsen is very pleased about the new appointment at the company:

“With the level of activity increasing in both Denmark and other European markets, it was the obvious next step to take in the development of our sales organisation. Jess is a team player who brings out the best in his colleagues. He is a competent, experienced, and dynamic individual who, in collaboration with the current team, will help to take us to the next level,” he says.