2023 Annual Report: A Record Year for Beritech Group


Beritech Group has released its 2023 Annual Report, documenting a year of significant financial growth. The report shows notable increases in revenue and profit, illustrating Beritech's ability to navigate challenging market conditions and maintain its status as a key supplier in the pharmaceutical and food industries.


The financial statements reveal that Beritech Group's net income after taxes increased to 67.2 million DKK in 2023, up from 2.1 million DKK in the prior year. As Bent Larsen, Group CEO, comments:

"We are very pleased with the growth across the organization. The annual report clearly demonstrates that our strategic initiatives and investments have been fruitful and that Beritech has effectively leveraged market opportunities to achieve these impressive financial results.”

Plans for 2024

With the prospect of another dynamic year, Beritech Group has outlined ambitious plans for 2024. The company expects to continue its growth through significant investments in infrastructure, including the continued expansion and optimization of production facilities nationwide. Additionally, a new office headquarters is planned in Nørresundby, which will accommodate a large portion of the administrative workforce, thereby supporting efficiency improvements across all departments.

In 2024, a new product line aimed at the seafood industry, both onshore and offshore, will be introduced, with a special focus on process equipment for salmon and whitefish. This initiative is part of Beritech’s strategy to expand its product portfolio and open new opportunities for growth and innovation in the food industry.

Finally, Beritech Group is dedicated to advancing their sustainability initiatives in 2024. These include pursuing ISO 45001 occupational health certification and incorporating CO2 emissions calculations into project proposals, underscoring the commitment to environmental responsibility and worker safety.

The annual report clearly demonstrates that our strategic initiatives and investments have been fruitful.
Bent Larsen, Group CEO

Strategic Reinvestments

With the good annual results to back it up, Beritech will focus on reinvesting the surplus to support continued consolidation in 2024. This includes new business areas, but also existing ones that require attention. Among other things, a capital grant of 20 million DKK has been given to Beritech Manufacturing to reestablish the company's equity to a more satisfactory level than in 2023.

As of May 1, 2024, Allan Styrishave will take over as Managing Director at Beritech Manufacturing, where his primary role will be to strengthen the company's strategic direction and ensure that day-to-day operations support the organization's long-term goals and aspirations for continued growth.

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