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Beritech silo tanks

Beritech's silo tanks are widely used across various industries for storing products and raw materials in connection with a process or processing.

Silo tanks are versatile storage solutions used in various industries, including dairy, food, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Our tanks are designed and manufactured to meet your project specifications and product requirements.

We offer stainless steel silo tanks of up to 450 m3 capacity, and we can customize tanks for any project size. Our tanks are designed with your specific needs in mind, and we make individual calculations to determine wall thickness and venting requirements.

Our experienced designers use 3D modeling to create accurate representations of your tank, and we perform flow simulations to ensure optimal stirrer size and quantity. All our tanks are produced with hygienic designs and high-quality components from leading European suppliers.

At our Danish facility, our certified employees oversee every aspect of tank production to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Trust us to provide the best solution for your silo tank needs.

We offer a wide range of silo tank solutions to meet your storage needs, including:

  • Dairy silos: Designed for the storage of milk, cream, and other dairy products, these tanks are manufactured to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of the dairy industry.
  • Food silos: Ideal for the storage of food products such as grains, powders, and liquids, these tanks are designed to protect your products from contamination and spoilage.
  • Chemical silos: Manufactured to withstand the harsh conditions of the chemical industry, these tanks are resistant to corrosion and can store a wide range of chemicals safely and securely.
  • Pharmaceutical silos: Designed for the storage of sensitive pharmaceutical products, these tanks are manufactured with the highest hygiene standards in mind and can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

Examples of Silo Tank Solutions:

Designed and constructed to meet your specific needs, with limitless possibilities for customization.

  • Isolation with Crimp Wrap or Armaflex
  • External cladding with a trapeze shaped or stainless 2B plate
  • The top can be equipped with an ISO-top, railing, ladder, and non-slip surface
  • Mechanical vacuum circuit breaker solution for tanks equipped with vent pipes to reduce the risk of collapse if the tank is overfilled
  • Cooling/warming and electrical heat tracking
  • Stirrers
  • Alcove or complete tank finger built with rafters and panel walls in stainless steel'

These are just a few of the solutions we offer. Contact us to learn more about our complete range of silo tanks.

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No matter what industry you are in or what products you need to store, we can provide a silo tank solution that meets your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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