BE-2310 | IQF Freezing Tunnel

Enhances product quality of raw and cooked cold-water shrimps.

Advanced Technology for Optimal Shrimp Freezing.

The BE-2310 offers a sophisticated solution for the Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) of both raw and cooked cold-water shrimp, ensuring each piece is rapidly frozen to maintain its quality, texture, and flavor.

This state-of-the-art tunnel features a distribution swing loader that distributes the product evenly across the freezing conveyor for optimal freezing efficiency. Inside, it is equipped with a combination of evaporators, fans, and a perforated conveyor, all designed to enhance the freezing process.

Tailored to individual needs, the IQF tunnel boasts a customizable design, allowing for adjustments to increase capacity and optimize the use of available space.

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About the BE-2310 Series.







10500 x 3500 x 2800 mm

8000 x 3500 x 2800 mm

10500 x 3500 x 2800 mm

13000 x 3500 x 2800 mm

Belt Width

500 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm

1000 mm


10 Ton/22 Hours

15 Ton/22 Hours

20 Ton/22 Hours

25 Ton/22 Hours

Cooling Media

Ammonia / NH3

Ammonia / NH3

Ammonia / NH3

Ammonia / NH3

3x440V, 60 c/s 

11 kW

16 kW

22 kW

30 kW

Weight Approx.

800 kg

1200 kg

1600 kg

2000 kg

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