BE-1515 | By-Catch Separator

Efficient and cost-effective shrimp production onboard.

Optimizing Onboard Shrimp Production.

The automatic separation of small fish is essential for efficient and cost-effective shrimp production onboard. Beritech’s separator significantly enhances capacity beyond what manual separation can achieve, which is not only less efficient but also requires more manpower. Additionally, this unit results in a cleaner product, substantially simplifying further processing.

The separator leverages the difference in surface texture between shrimp and fish to facilitate the separation process: fish are transported upwards while shrimp slide downwards. This feature also makes the separator ideal for the separation of soft-shelled shrimp during seasons when they are prevalent.


About the BE-1515 Series.








1850 x 1300 x 2200 mm

1850 x 1550 x 2200 mm

1850 x 1800 x 2200 mm

1850 x 2050 x 2200 mm

1850 x 2050 x 2200 mm

Belt Width

1000 mm

1250 mm

1500 mm

1750 mm

2000 mm


1500 kg/h 

2000 kg/h 

2500 kg/h 

3000 kg/h 

3500 kg/h 

Water Consumption

1.5 m³/h

2 m³/h

2.5 m³/h

3 m³/h

3.5 m³/h

3x440V, 60 c/s 

1.0 kW/10A

1.0 kW/10A

1.0 kW/10A

1.0 kW/10A

1.0 kW/10A

Weight Approx.

450 kg

600 kg

750 kg 

900 kg

1050 kg

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