BE-1826 | Box Forming Machine for Lids

For efficient and glue-free packaging of shell-on shrimp.

Glue-Free Lid Formation for Efficient Packaging.

The BE-1826 specializes in forming lids for 5 kg cartons, making it ideal for packaging shell-on shrimp. Integrated with a carton magazine, this machine is a crucial component of an automatic line, efficiently delivering lids to weighing stations. Equipped with a 400-piece magazine, it pneumatically conveys flat carton sheets to the forming unit.

The machine’s forming head meticulously folds and locks the parts together, eliminating the need for glue. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, the BE-1826 facilitates easy switches between different operations, such as adding labeling functionalities at one or both ends of the lids. Its stability and precision ensure the production of perfect boxes every time.


About the BE-1826.




1680 x 734 x 2100 mm

Magazine Capacity

400 pcs

Label one end

9-12 boxes/min

Label both ends

7-9 boxes/min

Air Consumption

250 Nl/min

3x440V, 60 c/s

0.25 kW/10A

Weight Approx.

400 kg

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